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Build Operate Transfer (BOT) may be a leading edge service offering, fashionable many outsourcers. Here is what it is:


We provide infrastructure and facilities as our customers need by giving them our proposal first supported the need of project.

Based on the project requirement, we decide the team organization structure and each role. Operate: As soon as you order a project with us, we call upon these trained and shaped companies for completing this project.

We are liable for major decision-making, quality assurance and ideal meeting your requirements.

Transfer: just in case you think that of buying a professional foreign software development company to try to to your tasks. here it is! Already found out , trained, familiar with your ways of doing business, conscious of your software development preferences, and prepared to figure for you! Any outcome becomes your property.

We assist you come to an agreement together with your new company and assist in acquisition procedures. At Future Tech Partner, we provide the BOT Model, which stands for Build, Operate and Transfer. This model has many benefits if you propose to setup your own facility.

First, you’ll have an area , reputable partner who will handle all the small print of building your subsidiary and operate it for an outlined period of your time .

Once that point has expired, we transfer the whole subsidiary and every one its assets to you, along side staffing if needed, in order that you’ll take hold of the operations. We also suggest and implement creative, inexpensive solutions for the challenges that companies face once they are experiencing rapid climb .

You’ll enjoy access to a fanatical facility that’s fully grounded within the processes, infrastructure, and implementation success that Orient Software is understood for. we will staff the power for you, you’ll send your own employees, or we pursue do a mixture of staffing resources.

Our experience has taught us the way to facilitate the transition when operations are returned to our client. once you work with Orient Software and therefore the BOT Model, you’ll discover greater flexibility, lower risks, lower costs, and a faster time to plug , additionally to the benefits that come from our expertise within the process and your ability to settle on to have the power . We operate the power in your best interests, and when the time is true we ensure a smooth transition as you’re taking ownership of it.

Future Tech Partner focuses on providing Bots, software applications, outstanding and professional solutions to our partners. We are highly experienced in developing Bots, as we’ve developed many within the past, all providing an unique solution to our customers requests. we’ve developed:

  • Roulette Bots
  • Horse Racing Bots
  • Grey Hound Racing Bots
  • Soccer Betting Bots

We can develop Bots which will automate any application or program, not just betting applications. We strongly belief that truth IT solutions are those which resolve problems, regardless the user’s level of qualification.

*Future Tech Partner can become your dedicated contractor still remaining officially independent.

The benefits of Build Operate Transfer Model you are doing not risk. All financial and technical risks are borne by Future Tech Partner which guarantees top quality results of the project.

You get what you would like and the way you would like it: During the event of our software you’ll choose the corporate you wish most, and that we can shape it to perfectly meet your requirements.

Besides, you’ll trust us large and sophisticated projects that we along side your team will do on time and on budget thanks to years of experience in process management and delegation of tasks.

You do not pay extra: When ordering a project you pay just for the quantity of labor done needed to accomplish the project. meaning Redbrick Interactive does all the team search and training process at its own expense, and you get a totally competent and devoted team for free! Doing Build Operate Transfer (BOT) with Redbrick Interactive you receive a reliable and dedicated software development company – your company!

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