Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

ACADMiN is suitable for all Educational institutions like schools, College, Universities. No matter whether you are running a small or a big organization or a chain of organizations, you can use ACADMiN. Not just this, it suits other educational too where there is a necessity of proper management of everything.

ACADMiN is one of its kind. It has been designed and developed after years and years of research on problems commonly faced by organizations across the globe. ACADMiN is a universal school management software which can just be suitable for any school anywhere in the world.

Well, our ACADMiN is an online Cloud based software. When we say it is web-based then it means it is online.

ACADMiN is an online software and we host this in our server.

Your data is 100% secured. You will have to be worried over anything. Data can never be lost or copied on by anyone.

Yes, there is data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all.

Please, get in touch with us. Our software is highly customizable. Anything can be added or deleted anytime.